Selene Style

As a woman I have seen and felt how important it is for women to have a healthy body, nutrition, and lifestyle. There are many reasons for that, one is confidence. In a world with all the perfect photos shared on the internet, women tend to have lower self-confidence. Expectations are rising and many are self-consious all the time.

Second reason is that women influence others around them; kids, spouse, family, and friends. Once a woman knows a happy and healthy lifestyle she spreads the word and makes more people around her happy and healthy.

Third isĀ emotions. Our body and overall health impacts our emotions. If we want to be emotionally healthy we have to have a healthy body. Women go through different stages of life both emotionally and physically. Fitness and healthy eating habits are the only solution to overcome the challenges of coping with these different stages.

Let’s APPRECIATE life and all that it can give us. Selene Style is a lifestyle!

Through this magazine you will learn how you can take care of yourself, be the best version of yourself, and become confident enough to accept yourself as who you are and be proud of your body and beauty.

If you know you have something valuable to share related to women’s fitness and health please feel free to email me at: with the credits and I will share your content if approved.